Building Strong Foundations
Building Strong
With A Passionate Commitment To Child-Centered Education

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Cornelia, Perry, Atlanta, Fort Valley & Newnan, GA

At Foundation Academy, we provide a unique and nurturing environment for early learners. Our story began in 2006 when we opened our first center with a vision to combine play and faith-based learning in a Christian-based program. For over 18 years, we’ve delivered the highest standard of early childhood education, instilling a love for learning in every child.

Our Leadership

Keri and Tim Burpee, a passionate and dedicated couple, have invested their hearts and souls in the education and care of children. They lead their privately owned and operated center, where they are actively involved in shaping the minds and experiences of young students.

Keri, a seasoned teacher with 30 years of experience, joined us after retiring from the classroom to help manage the business. She’s thrilled to continue educating and caring for children daily.

Tim, a former pastor and youth minister, founded Foundation Academy in 2006, bringing his passion for serving families and the community to our doorstep. He loves being involved in the lives of our students and families and enjoys the sense of fulfillment that comes from seeing children grow and thrive.

Away from the center, Keri and Tim are devoted parents of four children and proud grandparents of one. They cherish their time with their family and make it a priority to spend quality time together. When they can, they enjoy traveling and exploring new places.

Our Values

At Foundation Academy, we believe every child deserves individualized care and attention, so we recognize and celebrate each one’s unique qualities and strengths. We strive to create a safe, welcoming, and stimulating environment that fosters spiritual growth, academic excellence, and social development. Our teachers are passionate about providing high-quality education that is fun and engaging while promoting a sense of community and belonging.

A Fun, Faith-Based Center Where Every Child Shines

Our dedicated teachers believe that education should be an engaging and enjoyable experience. They design lessons that combine innovative academic concepts with interactive games, activities, and play every day. Our faith-based approach creates an immersive environment that fosters a love of learning while providing top-notch care and education for your child.
A Fun, Faith-Based Center Where Every Child Shines
18+ Years Of Service You Can Always Trust

18+ Years Of Service You Can Always Trust

Since our founding in 2006, our commitment to quality care has earned us a reputation that has become synonymous with excellence. As a result, families in the area have come to trust us implicitly, knowing that their children are in good hands. With our passionate team of caregivers, our nurturing environment empowers every child to grow and thrive.

“To care for children and give them a strong start. We help them see their uniqueness so they can grasp God’s special plan for their lives. In their formative years, we partner with families and children to fulfill this goal daily.”

Immerse Your Child In Dedicated, Hands-On Learning With A Foundation Built On Faith

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