Watch Them Thrive Daily
Watch Them
Thrive Daily
Incredible Facilities & Family-Owned Care Support Their Success

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Newnan, GA

Newnan Center

Conveniently Located Just Off Bullsboro Road Next To Jefferson Parkway Elementary

Family-Owned Care Makes Them Feel Welcome

Experience the warmth and personal touch of our family-owned childcare center. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment where every child and parent feels like part of our extended family. Trust us to nurture your little ones with love and care.
Family-Owned Care Makes Them Feel Welcome
Daily Outdoor Play Sparks Imagination & Excitement

Daily Outdoor Play Sparks Imagination & Excitement

Our daily outdoor play sessions are designed to spark imagination and excitement in every child. With a variety of activities and natural play spaces, your child will explore, discover, and learn in a stimulating environment that promotes physical and cognitive development.

Engaging Learning Centers for Holistic Development

Our class centers immerse your child in a world of learning through interactive and hands-on activities. Each center is thoughtfully designed to enhance creativity, critical thinking, and social skills, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience that prepares them for future success.
Engaging Learning Centers For Holistic Development
Convenient Onsite Parking For Smooth Drop-Offs And Pick-Ups

Convenient Onsite Parking for Smooth Drop-Offs and Pick-Ups

We understand the hustle of busy mornings and evenings. Our onsite parking facilities make transitions seamless, allowing for quick and easy drop-offs and pick-ups. Spend less time stressing about parking and more time focusing on what matters most.

Safety First with Comprehensive Security Measures

Your child’s safety is our top priority. Our center features cameras, privacy fences, and CPR-trained staff to ensure a secure environment. Rest assured, your child is in safe hands, giving you peace of mind throughout the day.
Safety First With Comprehensive Security Measures
Clean Spaces With Daily Sanitization & Air Purification

Clean Spaces With Daily Sanitization & Air Purification

We maintain a healthy environment through rigorous daily sanitization and advanced air purification systems. Our commitment to cleanliness ensures that your child can learn and play in a space that supports their health and well-being.

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