Curiosity meets Spirituality

As a parent of a young child, it can be hard to think about how to start to introduce them to the spiritual part of their being. I bet you smile when remembering the moment when they curiously discovered something that they fancied for the first time: a loud truck or a dog; a wave in the ocean or a crackling fire. All children are so different, but all children are so curious.

Introducing them to who they are spiritually is daunting for all parents – leveraging their natural curiosity can be a bridge to help them start to think about some of the mysterious aspects of life.
The undercurrent of it all: love. We hope that our Directors, Teachers, and even our other students all love your child just as well as you do while you’re at work. OK, fine… Almost as well as you do!

Food for Thought: remember those specific things your child was/is most curious about. How else can they be curious? How can I tie that to the most important aspects of life?


How Old Is Your Child?


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One Year Old Toddlers

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